Simple Halloween Sticker Candy Dish DIY

Hello Everyone,
Were already into the third week of October and I haven't posted a Halloween inspired project! I know, that sort of bad for craft blogger but better late than never. So today I'm going to be showing you how to make a super simple Halloween inspired candy dish. This project would be great for pre-teens or anybody (cough,cough) who is a wee bit order and just wants to decorate there space. The project itself only involves two supplies and is really inexpensive to make.  

Candle Jar

Step 1: Clean out your candle jar. You can read this post where I explain my method for cleaning out candle jars. 

Step 2: Once your candle jar is cleaned out and completely dry (both inside and out), start applying your Halloween stickers. You can apply your stickers all around the jar (like I did) or make some sort of pattern. The possibility for stickers and patterns are endless.

Once your happy with the look of your jar, fill it up with candy and your done!

I loved how my candy dish turned out! The stickers that I used were either squares or rectangles, so applying them all around the jar, (I think) gave the jar a nice clean look. This project would also be a great way, to use up any left over Halloween stickers (from varies stickers packs) you may have been saving.  

What do you think? Do you like this Halloween Sticker Candy Dish?

xo Katie 

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