Happy Thanksgiving

Turkey Toothpick Holder and Salt Shaker Set Pair 
Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Today I've been seeing tons of blog posts by bloggers about being thankful for people and things in there lives. For the past few months I haven't written any attitude of gratitude posts because of life being so busy and being so full of change. Thinking about the meaning of today and everything that has happen in the past few months, I thought I too should mention a few things that I'm thankful for. 

I'm Thankful For:
  • My Dad And Mom's Love And Support
  • School Being Almost Over
  • God's Blessings
  • Good Food
  • My Families Health
  • My Best Friend
  • Blogging Opportunities
  • Learning To Deal With Change
  • New Life Opportunities
  • The Time I Got To Spend With Sparky
  • Sparky Being In A Better Place
  • The Laughter In My Life
  • My Readers/Followers
  • Having Crafty Hobbies
  • Being Surrounded By Happiness, Love And Peace

So Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you all have a great, long weekend and find some good deals if your going shopping! 

xo Katie

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