My Partner In Crafty Crime

Hello Everyone,
I've been putting off writing this post because for some reason I knew it would somehow finalize (in my mind) the events that have happen over the past week. 

Last Monday, my little Sparky passed away. 

He meant everything to me and was my whole world. Not having him in my life is indescribable. Ever since it was a little puppy he has always been my shadow. I never had to look far to find him because I always knew he was right behind me. No matter whether I was studying for a test or working on a project, he was always laying down under my desk or just sitting on my lap starting ''trouble''. 

I got Sparky, when he was only 12 weeks old. At the time I was 11 and just thought he was the best thing in the world. We got him on a very chilly Valentine's day weekend and discovered that he had the same birthday as me (which to my 11 year old self was just mind blowing). Ever since that chilly day and the 10 years that pass, we just grew up with each other. I never gave much thought about the inevitable because he was always healthy and just always by my side. Not having Sparky here now, just hurts on so many levels. 

My heart is filled with grief, pain and anger. The anger being from the way he pass which is something no pet owner should have to go through. I'm trying to stay ''positive'' and trying to focus on where he is at now (heaven), which is far better than suffering in this world. 

I don't know when I'll start blogging again. I will definitely come back before the month is up but I think I'm just going to take my time getting back into the swing of things. 

Thank you so much for your support and prayers that you may have said for Sparky in my last post. It really does mean a lot to me. 

xo Katie 


  1. I'm so sorry, Katie! Enjoy your time away from blogging, and recover. I will miss your craftyness while you're gone though. ;)

    1. Thanks Katie for your kinds words. They really mean a lot to me.


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