My 6 Favorite DIY Projects From 2014

Hello Everyone,
This year has really been a roller coaster for both me and the blog. Starting at the beginning of the year I had one of my projects featured on Mod Podge Rocks! and a bunch of my moon/galaxy projects featured on other sites. Then things got super quiet and started to slowly pick up again. I'm telling you this because every time a project of mine is featured on a blog or just mention in a tweet, I get super excited. Its always nice to see other people enjoy your work, especially if those people are in the same ''crafty field'' as you. 

Every time I make a project and publish on the blog, its just to share what I've made with my crafty friends. If a project gets published on some third party site, then its the best feeling in the world! However if it doesn't, I'm still just as excited for any comments or thoughts I receive from my crafty readers. 

So with this year coming to a close, I thought it would be fun to go back and find my 6 favorite DIY projects from this past year. Honestly, this wasn't that hard to do because most of my favorite projects are the ones I have hanging up and enjoy looking at everyday! Lucky for you, all of these projects are also the most simplest to make in either a day or over a weekend! 

Scrap Ribbon House Sign DIY
Paper Plate Chalkboard Wall DIY
Chain Canvas DIY
Star Constellation Wall Art DIY
Calendar Gift Bag DIY
2014 Memory Jar DIY
If I had to narrow down this list, my super de duper favorites would be my Scrap Ribbon House Sign and Calender Gift Bag. I also wanted to say thank you to any of you, who have ever shared, liked, reposted, re-pinned or left a comment on one of my projects. It truly does mean the world to me! 

If your a crafter/blogger, what has been your favorite project this year (that you've either made or seen)? 

xo Katie 

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  1. I think your galaxy/space projects have been my favorite! (no surprise? haha!)

    I'm the same way, i get excited every time I see that one of my projects has been featured on a site or tweeted, etc. :)


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