My Favorite DIYs Right Now: New Years Eve Video Edition

Hello Everyone,
How was your holiday weekend? Mine was very nice and I took a few extra days off from blogging to enjoy some quiet time with my family. This will be my last week off because next week its back to reading textbooks, writing papers and making dreaded note-cards (aka college). So I'm going to try to jam pack this week with a bunch of different blog/DIY posts. I also hope to post my 2015 goals and some other changes that might be happening on the blog (but will see). 

To kick off this week, I thought it would be fun to write a ''My favorite DIYs Right Now'' post. The last time I wrote one of these post was in August! That particular version was a video edition which people seemed to like, so now I'm doing another video edition but just for New Years Eve. 

So today I rounded up six craft videos that will show you how to decorate your space and get dressed up for that New Years Eve party! Some of these videos are not necessarily ''New Years Eve'' craft videos but I though they could still work for a New Years Eve party never the less.

I'm loving the last video by ThreadBanger because who isn't on some sort of budget after the holidays. Do you have anything fun planned for the New Years Eve?

xo Katie 

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