Peppermint Pin Holder DIY

Hello Everyone,
Today I'll be posting (finally) my first Christmas DIY of the season! Its a home decor project that involves displaying those Christmas pins/brooches that you may not necessary wear anymore. 

When I was decorating for Christmas this year, I decided to get all my Christmas pins out and display them as decorations. I ended up putting them in random places on my bookshelf amongst all my other Christmas items. The pins looked cute sitting on my bookshelf but I thought there could be a better way to display them. So to solve this problem, I created a pin holder (out of an embroidery hoop) that had the look of a holiday peppermint!

Embroidery Hoop
Red Felt
White Felt
Sewing Pins
Red Thread

Before I get into this project, I wanted to explain something about the red peppermint swirl. When making this project I created my own template based on the size of my embroidery hoop which was 6 inches. I basically free handed my design onto a piece of paper and cut it down to size to fit within my embroidery hoop. Now depending on the size of your embroidery hoop will effect how big the red peppermint swirl will be. 

I uploaded my original template for you guys to use but you may need to size it up or down depending on your embroidery hoop. 

picture 1
picture 2
Step 1: Take your swirl template and trace around it onto your red felt (picture 1). Then remove your template and cut the swirl out. When your done cutting, you should have something like picture 2. 

Step 2: Take your red swirl and pin it onto your white felt. Then (like you normally would) take your now one piece of felt and place it into your embroidery hoop. 

Step 3: With a needle and thread, sew the red swirl to your white felt. 

Step 4: When your done sewing, cut off any extra fabric that is around the embroidery hoop. 

Once your done cutting off the extra fabric, your ready to display your pins! 

I love the way this project turned out! Its such an easy way to decorate your space while displaying some of your favorite pins.

If you didn't want to make a peppermint or if your not a fan of sewing, you could always get some Christmas themed fabric and use it in the place of the peppermint design. This would allow you to have a cute decorative embroidery hoop made in half the time. 

What do you think? Do you like this peppermint pin holder?

xo Katie

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