Santa! I know him!

4 Vintage Santa Claus Ornaments / 1960's / Mid Century Holiday
Hello Everyone,
If you know where I got the title for this post from, then you are awesome!

After two DIY post in a row, I thought it would be fun to change gears a little bit and write an Etsy type post (since I haven't written one in a long time). So today, I''l be showing you some of my favorite vintage Santa Claus finds from Etsy. 

Personally, I only have one vintage Santa Claus item which is an ornament. I was completely fine with that until I started searching Etsy for this post. Now, I really want more 50s/60s Santa Claus home decor just because its so darn cute. I mean look at those ornaments above. Aren't they adorable! They would look perfect on a tree.

Here are some other fun Santa Claus vintage finds!

Fun 1950's Santa Nodder Bank
Vintage 1960's Holt Howard Winking Santa Salt and Pepper Shakers
Vintage Inarco Japan Porcelain Santa Claus Figurine
1958 Holt Howard Santa Candle Holders
Do you have any vintage Christmas decorations?

xo Katie 


  1. Hi Katie! I LOVE anything vintage when it comes to any holiday, esp. Christmas. I scour flea markets and garage sales, thrifts etc. The hunt is so fun. I'm a sucker for old wrapping paper. I "hoard" it (Sshhh!)

    I hope you had a nice Christmas.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Mardell,

      I'm sucker for old wrapping paper too! I love going to antique stores during this time of year and finding so many pretty patterns of vintage wrapping paper. This year I was lucky enough to find some vintage Christmas cards which were just as good as wrapping paper.

      I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well and have a great New Year!


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