3 Blog Goals + New Comment Section

Hello Everyone,
Can you believe were already in the last week of January? It's crazy how fast time flies by. 

By now most bloggers have probably already published there new year's goals, resolutions and blogging goals for the upcoming year. I love a new year because it means you can start over or at least re-invent yourself. When this new year came around, I had a ton of goals written down both for general life and the blog which I wanted to accomplish. Today I wanted to share my blogging goals with you guys before the month was up. I basically narrow done all my blogging goals into 3 main topics which seemed more manageable and better summed up what I wanted to accomplish this year. 

1. Create Better Content: This seems like a no-brainier for a blogger but this year I'm really trying to think about whether my readers would enjoy certain topics/DIY projects or not. Before the end of last year, I never thought about turning my blog into any type of ''career''. Since I've sort of had a change of heart, I really want to create the best content for my readers as possible. 

2. Networking: This is topic I have a love hate relationship with. Partly because all you hear about in today's world is networking and connecting with the right people to get the right job and so forth. I'm a very shy person so networking has never been a strong suit of mine. However, if you want people to find your blog it's inevitable that networking will be involved. So my goal for networking, is to connect with more bloggers through different outlets. Those outlets might be a Facebook group, another website like Craft Foxes or just leaving comments on different blogs. This is an area of bloging that I'm really going to try improve upon this year!

3. Increase Overall Traffic: This goal sort of goes along with networking but I think its important for a blogger to focus on this as well. When I say ''increase overall traffic'', I mean increasing the number of page views and followers on my blog. Now having a certain number of anything is not ''important'' and I don't want it to be the most important thing in my ''blogging life''. However, I do want to grow my blog and reach new people. So my goal within this goal is to find ways like advertising where I can increase the traffic to my blog and though better blog content gain more followers (if that makes sense). 

To kick of my blogging goals I decided to make a change in the comment section of the blog. Now when you leave a comment, you will notice that it's powered by Disqus. Disqus is a comment form which you install on your blog to make commenting and managing comments easier. So now when I reply to your comments you will get an e-mail telling you that I did (which was something Blogger comments did not do). Hopefully this new section will make commenting much easier for you and make the conversation between us last a little bit longer.

So did you come up with any blogging goals this year? If so what are they? 

xo Katie

p.s To get to the comment section (if you don't see it), just click on the title of the post, scroll down to the bottom and you should see the comment box. 


  1. My main goal is to improve my photography. :)

  2. Thats a good goal! Photography is such an important part of ''successful blogging''. I should have probably made that a goal of mine...oh well, maybe next year ;)


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