Conversation Heart Box DIY

Hello Everyone,
Happy Wednesday! Is anybody else happy that were almost through the week? I know I am because school can be soooooooo boring. What am I saying, school is always boring (lol). Anyway, lets move on ;)

Today I have another simple Valentine's Day DIY for you guys! This project would either make a nice Valentine's Day home decor piece or be a cute gift to fill up with candy. 

Lets get crafting! 

Wooden Box
Wooden Heart Shape Cut-Out
Tacky Glue

Step 1: Paint your wooden box and set it aside to dry. 

Step 2: Paint your wooden heart.

Step 3: Once your wooden heart is dry your ready to start stamping. Apply some paint to your letter stamps and stamp out your chosen phrase. If you didn't want to use paint you could also color in your letter stamps with a marker, then stamp. When you've stamped your phrase, set it aside to dry. 

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Step 4: Now take your stamped heart and apply some glue to the back. Press the heart onto your wooden box and let it dry. 

When your box is dry, your ready to fill it up with goodies!

If you didn't want to use a ''classic'' conversation heart phrase, you could stamp a quote, an inside joke or someone's name instead. Personally, I think this project would make a really cute gift because you could personalize the heart with the persons name and fill it up with there favorite candy. Also since the DIY is made from a wooden box, the person would now have an item which they could use as an organizer for there desk or as a candy holder!

What do you think? Do you like this conversation heart box DIY?

xo Katie 

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