My Favorite DIYs Right Now

MY DIY | Dino Ring Holder
Hello Everyone,
I don't know about you but I've been pretty busy lately. With school and now all this snow, getting stuff done has been more of a hassle. I live in Ohio so our snow situation hasn't been too bad but personally I would take a scorching hot day over an ''its so cold a penguin is sitting next to me'' type of a day. However, if a penguin was sitting next to me then I would probably find this weather much more enjoyable.  

Ok, moving on (lol). 

Since I have been so busy, I've been looking at craft projects instead of actually making them. So today's blog post is full of super easy and adorable DIYs that I'm currently loving right now!


Neon POP - Tropical Punch Bracelets
Vintage Tea Tin Succulents
Circus Animal Cookie Marquee Light
The Circus Animal Cooke Marquee Light is pure genius! When I saw it, my heart did a little cartwheel just because it was so darn cute. 

Do you have any DIY projects plan for the weekend?

xo Katie 

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