15 Ways To Organize Your Craft Space

Hello Everyone,
One thing that I am always doing is recognizing my craft space. Part of the reason is to keep my craft space clean and the other part (honestly) is to make room for more supplies. Organizing (in general) is something that I have never mind doing. For example, I've always been that person who loves to organize by color than reorganize those colors by specific shades. As a crafter, it just makes me happy to know that everything is in its place. Is anybody else like this? I'm probably the only one (lol). 

So since I shared my craft space a few months ago, I thought it would be fun to share 15 different organizational tips which you could use to organize your craft space. Below I listed the ideas and included some DIYs / inspirational pictures which will help get your creative but organize crafty juices flowing!

DIY Craft Storage House
1. Use a shadow box to store items like spools of thread and small bottles of glitter.
2. Use a vintage suitcase to hold bottles of acrylic paint.
3. Use a muffin tin / cupcake tin to organize beads and jewelry findings.
4. Use a silverware holder to organize paintbrushes or pens.
5. Use cute vintage planters to hold markers, pencils or small pads of paper.

Adventures in Pine Needle Basketry - part 3
6. Use baskets that you either made or brought to hold various craft supplies.
7. Use hangers with clips (that pants usually come on) to hold small amounts of fabric.
8. Use an embroidery hoop to hold your washi tapes.
9. Use a paper towel holder to hold spools of ribbon.
10. Use plastic sleeves in a binder to hold scrapbooking die cuts.

MY DIY | Hanging Jewelry Holder
11. Use jewelry holders to hold chain, blank rings and blank bangles for future jewelry projects.
12. Use items design to hold make-up as organizers for your craft supplies.
13. Use a canvas tote bag to store your scrapbooking paper.
14. Use salt and pepper shakers to hold glitter.
15. Use mason jars to hold buttons, beads and other odd-n-ends.

Organizing your crafts is not only a great way to clean up your space but its also a great way to see what you already have on hand. That way you can go out and but some more supplies ;)

What tips do you guys have about organizing your craft space?

xo Katie

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