9 Bunny Hopping DIYs

Hello Everyone,
Bunnies along with goats are quickly becoming one of my favorite little critters. There small, fuzzy, come in a variety of colors and are just so darn cute to look at. So with Easter approaching (at what seems like the speed of light) I thought it would be fun to share 9 bunny inspired DIYs. 

Bunny Foldover Clutch Sewing Tutorial
Ceramic Bunny Ring Tray DIY
DIY Tutorial Bunny Coin Purse (with Free Pattern)
DIY Bunny Chalk!!
Easter Bunny K-Cup Sleeves with Free Cut File
Dot to dot bunny shirt
$5 Elizabethan Bunny Makeovers
DIY: Peek-A-Boo Bunny Bag
Bunny Cupcake Stand DIY
Don't you just love bunnies! My favorite project from this list would definitely be the bunny ring dish. Tune in tomorrow and I'll be sharing my own bunny DIY! 

What bunny DIY is your favorite? 

xo Katie 

p.s Has anybody ever owned a rabbit for a pet? I once had a friend who had a pet rabbit but personally I've never had one. Just curious ;) 

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