Craft Glue Guide: What Do You Really Need?

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Let's start today's post with a small story....

Ok, so you finally found that one project on Pinterest that your going to make. So you jump into your car with your craft supply list in hand and drive down to the craft store. You think to yourself that this will be an easy trip because you wrote out a list. Thats until you get to the glue aisle of the craft store.

As your walking down the aisle you see shelves upon shelves of different shapes, sizes and types of glue. You remain calm because all you need is normal craft glue. Then you think to yourself, what is the definition of ''normal craft glue''?  Is it tacky glue, hot glue, maybe Gorilla Glue. Then you start thinking of your project and realize that any of those glues could possibly work.

So now your head is spinning and all you can think about is getting home so you can look up some information about your dilemma on Pinterest ;) 

If your a new crafter, then this situation may sound familiar. However, understanding craft glue doesn't have to be a confusing topic. I've seen several blog posts (like this one) which explains craft glue in all its ''sticky'' forms. Personally, I think we should get back to basics because craft glue can be expensive and nobody really wants to buy a different glue for each new project that they make. 

So today I'll be talking about the 7 versatile craft glues that I think is really all you need to have in your craft stash. 

Mod Podge: We all love Mod Podge! Its a great versatile glue which comes in main different forms and can be used in a variety of projects. The two most popular Mod Podges are the Matte and the Gloss. Both can be used in your general crafting with the only difference being the way it looks when it drys. One of the best things about Mod Podge is that its not only a glue but a sealer. So you sort of get a two for one deal! This type of glue practically works on any surface and with every material. Below are some examples of where you might use this type of glue (but again the skies the limit) :
  • Paper Crafts
  • Wooden Crafts
  • Jar Crafts
  • Plastic Crafts (like plastic sunglasses or plastic animals)

E6000: E6000 Glue in short, is fantastic! It's an industrial strength adhesive that can be used practically on anything. Since it is an industrial strength adhesive, there is a distinct smell to the glue which could bother some people. You can purchase E6000 in different colors, sizes and formulas Personally, I alway stick to the original, clear formula. 

In terms of projects, I like to use this glue on those items which might get a little more wear and tear. For example if your decorating a big chunky bangle or adding an embellishment to your shoe. However, this glue can be used on wood, plastic, glass, fabric, metal, beads and a lot of other stuff.

Aleene's Original Tacky Glue: Aleene's Tacky Glue (in a nutshell) is a super strong all purpose glue. It can be used on a variety of surfaces and is really your basic craft glue but just upgraded. The glue itself is nontoxic, drys clear and it doesn't have a funky smell (which I really love). You can get it at practical every craft store and can even find it in stores like Wal-Mart. You can also buy the Original Tacky Glue in different sizes and formulas.

This type of glue can be used in tons of craft based projects ranging from paper to small wood pieces. Personally, I've used the glue on foam board, cardboard, feathers, paper, fabric, jewelry and even have used it to decorate wood sticks. 

Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue: Now if your into decorating wooden boxes or creating projects based in wood, then you definitely need to have a wood glue on hand. One wood glue that has always been one of my favorites is Elmer's Carpenter. It creates a strong bond between different types of woods and can be found at any big box store or hardware store. This type of glue is also good to have for everyday projects like if you need to fix a chair or table in your house.

Glue Sticks: Having glue sticks on hand may sound a little weird but they can really come in handy for those small projects. I love to use them in projects which don't require a lot of glue or a lot of time. You can use the glue stick with little mess and the dry time is pretty quick. Personally, I found that glue sticks work best for scrapbooking project or paper based projects.

Aleene's Fabric Fusion: If fabric is more your thing, then you definitely need a good fabric glue. My favorite fabric glue (and I've tried a lot) has always been Aleene's Fabric Fusion. This is because the glue creates a strong bond between fabric and stays flexible after being washed. Meaning, that the glue itself won't dry stiff and create crunchy looking fabric. The dry time for this particular glue is also pretty fast. 

This type of glue is great for all your fabric based projects. Below I listed a few examples of when you might use this glue:
  • No Sew Projects 
  • Embellishing Fabric Based Items (like pillows)
  • Adding Trim
  • Hemming Curtains

Hot Glue Gun: Now you know I had to add this glue to the list ;) Having a hot glue gun in your craft stash is just a must for a crafter. It can be used in a variety of projects, is quick to dry and creates a very strong bond. You can buy hot glue guns in different temperatures like high or low and can buy different types of glue sticks. For general crafting purposes, I like using a high temperature glue gun with the clear glue sticks. 

As a side note, just keep in mind that you don't want to use your hot glue gun on those projects that may get a lot of wear and tear. For example jewelry pieces or embellishing those cute high heels. 

Hopefully you can see that you don't need to own every craft glue under the sun to complete a DIY project. Grant- it there will be those projects that call for a specific type of glue you may not have but those times will probably be few and far in between.

The 7 glues I listed above are the ones which I think are all you really need if your a crafter. They all have there specific ''job'' but can still be used in different projects. Which means you can save money and spend it on more crafty things like buttons or maybe rhinestones! 

What do you think? Do you agree with this list or is there a craft glue that you just can't live without?

Leave your comments below!

xo Katie 

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