Duct Tape Domino Magnets DIY

Hello Everyone,
Hope your weekend is going well! Today I have a really easy peasy lemon squeezy DIY that will brighten up about any ''magnetic''' space (see what I did there lol). 

So get out your duct tape and dominos because its craft time! 

Duct Tape
Scissors (not pictured)
E6000 Glue (not pictured/optional)

Step 1: Take a piece of duct tape and cover your domino. Then cut off any extra duct tape with your scissors.

Step 2: Now apply a thin coat of dimensional magic to the top of your domino. Onces your done, set your domino aside to dry. 

Step 3: Once the dimensional magic is dry, flip your domino over. Then (depending on the type of magnet you have) either glue down your magnet or tear off its sticky back. For this project, I used a magnet that had a sticky back but for some extra support I did add some E6000 glue when adhering it to the back of the domino. 

When your done adding your magnets, then your ready to put your dominos on the fridge!

Don't you just love these little guys? I actually got the fox duct tape as a Christmas gift last year. If your interested in getting the same type of duct tape then click here for a link.

This DIY would make a great weekend project and would be a great way to use up those rolls of duct tape that may only have a little bit of tape left on the roll. Also with all the different patterns of duct tape out there, you could easily create your own set of unique magnets. 

What do you think? Do you like this marriage of duct tape and dominos?

xo Katie

p.s I just thought, a bunch of these little magnets would make a nice housewarming gift or an extra gift with your main housewarming gift.

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