12 Ways To Craft On A Budget

Hello Everyone,
I love crafting as much as the next person but sometimes supplies and tools can get a little bit expensive. Which is why most of the time here on the blog, I try to create projects that use recycle materials so you don't have to spend that much money making the actual project. Even though this sounds warm and fuzzy, at the end of the day my supplies do run out and I need to go shopping.

Currently I'm a college student so my budget for craft supplies is very small. So over the pass couple of years,  I've tried to be more savvy with my craft supply shopping and have notice a difference in my spending. Since everybody here loves crafting and probably saving money, I thought you might like to hear a few tips about how I've have saved money in the past.

So below I listed my top 12 ways in which you can craft on a budget!

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1. Always Use Coupons: This seem like a no-brainier but I know many people who go to the craft store without there coupons. Most craft stores offer weekly coupons which can give you up to 40% off a regular price item. You can also check out weekly ads (online) for craft stores like Michael's or Hobby Lobby to get an idea of there sales. 

2. Search The Clearance Section: You never know what crafty treasures you may find. 

3. Shop Around Holidays / Big Events: Usually craft stores like to put a bunch of stuff on sales during certain times of the year. These sales are usually around holidays or big events like going back to school. Times like these are perfect for picking up a few extra supplies. 

4. Shop At The Dollar Tree: The Dollar Tree should be a crafty person's best friend! They have a nice selection of craft supplies and sell many other things (obviously for cheap) which you can use in your craft projects. For example, if you need some fake flowers or a picture frame, then the Dollar Store would be the perfect place to buy them. 

5. Buy Craft Tools That Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes: Ok, this may sound a little odd but the point is to get the most for your money. For example if you have a bit more money to spend (or have a coupon handy) then you could but something like this heat tool from Martha Stewart. The heat tool comes with different attachments which can be used to adhere embellishments, transfer patterns and cut stencil film.

6. Buy Craft Lots: Craft Lots are where you get a bunch of supplies for half the cost. You can find these types of lots on websites like Ebay and Etsy. Depending on the lot and the price your willing to pay, you can get a bunch of craft supplies ranging from beads, wooden items to actual craft tools. 

7. Trade With Other Crafters: Have a bunch of crafty friends? Then host a craft supply swap! Its the perfect excuse to hang out with your friends while getting a bunch of new supplies.  

8. Sign Up For E-Mails: This is another great way to get coupons and extra discounts that you may not be able to get at the store.

9. Buy Smaller ''Sample Sizes'' Of Products: The first item like this which pops into my mind, is Mod Podge's Sampler Set of 6 Pots. Basically in the set you get sample sizes of the 6 most popular Mod Podge glue formulas. This is a great way to test out a bunch of products at once without spending a ton of money. Its also a nice way to discover those hidden products which you may have not had thought of buying before.

10. Do Your Research: Doing research is a great way to find out if you really want to spend the money on that unique product. Before you buy, see if you can find reviews about the product on various blogs, the company's website or Amazon. Also YouTube is not just for make-up reviews. There are tons of craft product reviews on YouTube which may help you understand a product better.

11. Shop At Garage Sales / Goodwill / Flea Markets: Shopping at any of these places is a great way to get certain products that you may need for your craft projects but cheaper. For example, frames, flower pots, little knick·knack, etc. You may even find bags of various craft supplies being sold for fairly cheap.

12. Buy Craft Items In Bulk: You don't have to be broke to want to save money on craft supplies! So if your looking to buy more for cheap, then you may want to consider buying certain craft supplies in ''bulk''. For example, you could get a bag of 600 painted wooden beads for only $6.45 off of Oriental Trading. This type of buying would be a good if your planing a party or are in the need of having a bunch of supplies for a large number of people.

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If I had to pick my favorite tip,  it would be number 10. Just because you can never go wrong with doing a little bit research before spending your money.

How do you save money while buying craft supplies or tools?

xo Katie 

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