8 Simple DIYs That Pack A Colorful Punch

Hello Everyone,
Lately here in Ohio the weather has been having a difficult time making up its mind. One day it will be nice and sunny, then the next day it will be cloudy and rainy. Its really been putting a damper on taking DIY pictures for the blog and just on my mood in general. Personally, my idea whether is warm mixed with bright sunshine. 

So what does this have to do with crafting you ask? Well, one thing that always makes me think of summer is bright, fruit like colors. You know, the strawberry reds, watermelon pinks and so forth. To get into the summer mood, I thought it would be fun to gather up some DIYs that pack a colorful punch! 

Try This: Upgrade Your Handbag with Colorful Spikes
DIY Jewelry – Beaded Stackable Rings
DIY 15 Minute Colour Block Necklace
MY DIY | Mini Yarn Wall Hanging
Abstract Rainbow Sneakers
DIY Abstract Painted Ring Holder
School Chair Makeover – Welcome to Art Class
DIY Color Block Hangers
Don't you just love bright DIYs? My favorite project out of this list would probably be the stackable rings (since I sort of have a slight obsession with them). 

Are you guys ready for summer? Also whats your favorite DIY from this list?

xo Katie

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