Bits Of Chain Candle Jar DIY

Hello Everyone,
Now if you've been a follower of the blog, then you know that I love decorating candle jars. Actually as I type this blog post, there is about 15 candle jars (no joke) under my kitchen sink which are waiting to be decorated. So my love of decorating candle jars is pretty deep!

Today's project has been spinning around in my head for quite some time. Ever since I made my Chain Canvas DIY, I've been wanting to find other ways to use bits of jewelry chain in projects. I finally got around to making this project and just loved how it turned out. 

So grab those bits of jewelry chain that you've been saving and lets decorate a candle jar! 

Candle Jar
Paint Pen
E6000 Glue
 Jewelry  Chain

Step 1: Clean out your candle jar. You can read this post where I explain my method for cleaning out candle jars.

Step 2: Lay out your jewelry chain on a flat surface and begin painting your chain with your paint pen.

As a side note, when painting your jewelry chain you don't necessarily want to cover the entire thing with your paint pen color. You really just want to ''highlight'' your jewelry chain by painting light strokes onto the chain.

When your done painting, set your jewelry chain aside to dry. 

Step 3: Once your chain is dry, flip it over and apply some E6000 to the back. Then adhere it to your candle jar. When your satisfy with the look of your jar, set it aside to dry. 

Step 4: Once your jar is done drying, take your paint pen and paint the top of your candle jar. When your done painting, set it aside (I promise for the last time) to dry. 

When your candle jar is completely dry, your ready to fill it up with goodies! 

Like I mentioned before, I just loved how this project turned out! It was really easy to make and was a great way to recycle all those random pieces of jewelry chain.

What do you think? Do like these projects that use bits of jewelry chain?

xo Katie 

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