9 Crafty Pinterest Accounts You Should Follow

Hello Everyone,
Remember me? You know the girl who writes this blog (lol). 

As you can tell by my mini blog break, I've been pretty busy. The spring semester of school ended on Thursday so for the pass couple weeks I've been finishing up classes and taking boring exams. For now I'm on summer break for two weeks, then after that I'll start the summer semester for school. I'll only be taking two classes, so hopefully I won't be too busy. This summer I'm really going to try to find a better balance between college and blogging (since I really do love blogging)!

Anyway, today I wanted to get back into the swing of things with an easy and fun post. So I thought it would be fun to share my favorite crafty Pinterest accounts. All of these accounts I just love because they share great craft projects and beautiful stylize photos. Each person has there own unique style which makes following them even funner. Half the time I discover new things that I would have never even thought of to search or pin, if it hadn't been for these accounts. 

So here are 9 crafty Pinterest accounts that I think you should be following ;) 

3. Amy | Mod Podge Rocks

4. P.S I Made This...

5. Kelly Mindell | Studio DIY

6. Mollie Makes

7. Rachel Smith | The Crafted Life

8. Plaid Crafts

9. Blitsy Crafts

Do you follow any of these accounts? Whats your favorite crafty Pinterest account?

xo Katie

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