Craft Test Sidekick: Sugru Strawberry Sunglasses DIY

Hello Everyone,
If your like me, then you're probably loving the fruit trend that has been floating around the DIY / blog world lately! If so, then you should definitely check out what I'm making on CutOut & Keep! Today I'm over on CutOut & Keep as a Craft Test Sidekick. Which basically means I'm reviewing a craft product and showing you guys how to make an awesome DIY.

The product I'm reviewing is Sugru. Sugru is a product that starts out as a mouldable glue, then after 24 hours dries and turns into rubber. I had never used the product before, so incorporating it into a craft project was challenging but really fun! 

So if you want to learn more about Sugru and want to learn how to make your own strawberry sunglasses, then hop on over to CutOut & Keep to get all the details!

xo Katie

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