Glitter Pup Shakers DIY

Hello Everyone,
Recently I was at Target and happen to noticed all of their cute salt and pepper shakers. Now I have no need for any brand new salt and pepper shakers, but that didn't stop me from bring home the cute little pups above! I ended up getting one turquoise French Bull dog and one white Bull Dog.

At Target you were able to mix and match the salt and pepper shakers because everything was being sold separately. So these two didn't actually go together but to be honest when you see all these little faces staring back at you on a shelf, you sort of want to get one of each! 

Before this shopping trip happened, I had an idea written down in my ''Blog / DIY Notebook'' about turning salt and pepper shakers into glitter shakers! Which basically meant I wanted to fill up cute little shakers with glitter instead of salt or pepper. When I saw the cute salt and pepper shakers at Target, I thought here is my DIY! 

So today I'm going to be showing you how you can turn any old salt and pepper shaker (whether there new or from the thrift store) into fun glitter shakers! 

Salt and Pepper Shakers
Tape (not pictured)
Cup (not pictured)
Gold Paint Pen (optional)

Step 1: Grab your salt and pepper shakers and decide whether you want to paint them or not. The goal here is to paint or paint accents of your shaker, the same color as the glitter that will be inside the shaker. For example, I decided not to paint my turquoise French Bull dog because I had the perfect turquoise glitter to fill him up with. 

However I did decide to paint my white Bull dog because I wanted to fill him up with gold glitter. In this case, I took my gold paint pen and painted his ears, paws and tail. I could have painted the whole thing gold but I liked the look of just painting a few areas of the shaker. 

When your happy with your shakers, set them aside to dry (if you painted them). 

Step 2: Take a small piece of tape and adhere it over the holes where the salt or pepper would come out of the shaker. By doing this we are saving our glitter from escaping the shaker when we fill it. Once you added your tape, flip the shaker over and remove its cork. Then place the shaker inside a cup and stick the glitter funnel in the cork's hole. 

Step 3 Now gently pour your glitter into the glitter funnel. The glitter funnel helps to control the mess while making sure that most of your glitter ends up in the shaker and not on your table. Once your shaker is completely filled, add the cork, flip it over and remove the small piece of tape. 

When all of this is done, you now have your own glitter shakers! 

Wasn't that super easy? This would also be great way to re-purpose any vintage salt and pepper shaker you might find on Etsy or while thrifting. Another nice thing about this project is that you really don't need a ''set'' of shakers. For example, if your thrifting and you see a lonely salt shaker with no mate, you could always bring him home and turn it into a glitter shaker! 

What do you think? Do you like the idea of turning salt and pepper shakers into glitter shakers? 

xo Katie

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