Resin Sprinkle Box DIY

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As promised, here is the full DIY tutorial on how to create the Resin Sprinkle Box that I featured in yesterday's review post! If you happen to have missed yesterday's post, it was a review on Art Resin (which will be in today's tutorial). So if you want to learn more about Art Resin and what I thought about the product click here.

Ok, without further a do, let's get crafty! 

Art Resin
Mixing Cup (not pictured)
Stirring Stick (not pictured)
Gloves (not pictured)
Wooden Box
Plastic or Silicone Mold
Paint Brush
Tooth Picks (not pictured / optional) 

Step 1: Before I get into the resin step, I just wanted to explain the above picture. When mixing the resin I decided to try two different methods involving my sprinkles. The first method (which is row 1) I mixed the sprinkles into the resin, then poured it into the mold. The second method (which is row 2) I added the sprinkles into the mold, then poured the resin on top.

Now you can do either method but between the two I definitely like and recommend the second method. This is because the sprinkles are evenly distributed around the entire mold and the sprinkles do not fall to the bottom of the mold. Meaning, that if you do the first method (where you mix the sprinkles in with the resin then pour) you will only get sprinkles in one area of your mold because they will all fall to the bottom. 

So to make your actual resin, pour equal parts of resin (Part A) and hardener (Part B) into a cup and mix for three minutes. Once your done mixing, add your sprinkles into your mold. Make sure your mold is completely covered by a layer of sprinkles. Then pour your resin mixture into your mold. 

Once your resin is in your mold, set it aside to dry for 24 hours. 

To get more detail directions or to watch a video about how to use Art Resin click here

Step 2: While your resin is drying, paint your wooden box (inside and out) yellow.

Step 3: Once your resin has completely dried, gently pop your figurine out of the mold.

Step 4: Glue your figurine on top of your wooden box with your E6000. Then set your box aside to dry. 

Step 5: Squeeze some drops of paint onto a paper plate and dip different tooth picks into each color. Then take each tooth pick and make a small dot onto your wooden box. Keep repeating this step until the edges of your box's lid is covered. 

Now this step is optional but I think it really makes your box pop. Once your happy with the look of your box, set it aside to dry.

When your box is completely dry, your ready to use it! 

I loved how this little box turned out! My favorite part would definitely be the boarder which matches the sprinkled turtle.  

Are you fan of using resin in DIY projects?

xo Katie

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