12 Ways To Be A Happier DIY Blogger

Hello Everyone,
Being a blogger, especially a DIY blogger, is not all glitter and gem stones! There are times when I really want to pull my hair out because I either forgot to get new batterers for my camera or the amount of yarn I thought would be enough for a project, is really just not enough. 

After four years of blogging you think I would know better, but things are bound to happen! In order to avoid these crazy DIY blog mishaps, I try my best to follow a few simple tips. These particular tips that I'm mentioning today, have helped me in the last year to get more organize, create better DIY content and really enjoy the process of blogging! 

So from one DIY blogger to another, here are my top 12 ways to be a happier DIY blogger! 

1. Plan Ahead: This has helped me tremendous! Usually, I would grab my supplies and start working, but now I get out all my supplies ahead of time. Along those same lines, I also set out everything the night before (like supplies, tools etc.), so the next day I can go straight to crafting!

2. Keep An Idea Notebook: This should be a must for every DIY blogger! Keeping a notebook on hand can help you to keep track of all your ideas for future projects and blog posts.  

3. Find Your Project Groove: What I mean by this, is to find your groove of creating DIYs. For example, if you like to make a test project before your actual project, then you should. Or if you rather take pictures of each step of your project, but not a supply photo, then you should. This is because finding your project groove will allow you to enjoy the DIY process better (especially when it comes to turning that DIY into an actual blog post)!

4. Have A Dedicated Space: Having a dedicated space for all of your supplies, can really help you to stay organize and to know what current supplies you have on hand. Also having a dedicated space to take pictures and actually create a DIY project, will save you time in the long run (since you won't be running around to each room trying to find ''spectacular'' photo lighting)!   

5. Have Dedicated Time To Write/Edit: This is something I'm still working on, but having a dedicated time to write/edit blog posts will definitely help you to stay ahead of the game! It will also help you to not be overwhelm about meeting your personal goals or blog deadlines.  

6. Keep Your Supplies Organize: Like I mentioned before, having a dedicated space with your supplies organize, will definitely save you time in the long run. To find more tips on how to better organize your craft space, click here!  

7. Check Your Supply Levels: This I have learned the hard way! Checking your supply levels is so important because nothing is worst than being in the middle of a project and finding out that you don't have enough for your project. So before you begin any crafting, check your supply levels!  

8. Create A Pinterest Board For Inspiration: Creating a Pinterest board that is either private or public can help you to get inspired when in a creative block. You could save DIY projects, inspiring images or even quotes to help get those creative juices flowing for your next project!  

9. Set Time Aside To Read: Setting time aside to read your favorite craft magazine or book can help you to not only unwind but to get inspired! So grab that craft magazine and begin relaxing and dreaming up those amazing DIY projects!  

On a side note, if your look for a craft book to read, then check out this post of 25 craft books you should read! 

10. Focus on Your Strong Suits: Trying new things is great, but sticking to your strong suits is ok too! For example, if your that awesome scrapbooker, then focus on all the scrapbooking DIYs you can come up with! By doing this, your more likely to come up with better content that keeps you as a blogger excited which will then translate into your blog post for your readers. Also focusing on your strong suits allows you to showcase what makes you unique and awesome!  

11. Test Your Products: If your using a new product, don't try it first on that craft project your using to create a DIY blog post. Its better to take the time and test out those new products. Also if your using one of your favorite products (like a marker), it better to still test it before you try it on your craft project. 

12. Charge Your Tools/Batteries: This is really a no-brainier, but still something important to remember! So charge your batteries and make sure you have the proper cords for all your crafty power tools! 

What are your tips for being a happier DIY blogger?

xo Katie

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