Craft Test Sidekick: Vision Board Wall Hanging DIY

Hello Everyone,
Some of you may have already heard or seen that We R Memory Keepers came out with a new tool called the Photo Sleeve Fuse! The Photo Sleeve Fuse tool is designed to be used when creating scrapbooking layout and is specifically designed to help you to create custom size sleeves, add waterfall sleeves or seal in keepsakes. 

Now I'll be honest, I don't do that much scrapbooking, but this tool is absolutely amazing! I could see it being used in several other areas of crafting besides scrapbooking. 

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, today I'm over on CutOut & Keep as a Craft Test Sidekick! Which basically means I'm reviewing a craft product and showing you guys how to make an awesome DIY.

The product I'm reviewing today is the Photo Sleeve Fuse tool and the DIY I'm making (using the tool) is a Vision Board Wall Hanging! 

If you want to learn more about the We R Memory Keepers Photo Sleeve Fuse tool and want to learn how to make your own Vision Board Wall Hanging, then hop on over to CutOut & Keep to get all the details!

xo Katie


  1. I am totally jealous you have the Fuse! I saw it at CHA and it looked so handy!

  2. Oh also, I love your vision board!

  3. Thank You!

  4. You would love it! We need to get you one (lol)! :)


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