DIY: Mini Pumpkin Pie Slice Trays

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only two days away! I mean, where has November gone? 

In honor of Thanksgiving and my love of home decor, I thought I would throw one more Thanksgiving Day project your way!

Today's DIY is all about mini pumpkin pie slice trays! Now I'm using the word, ''tray'', loosely because I know your probably thinking those trays can't hold much. However, at the end of this post, I'm going to be giving you some ideas on how you can incorporate these ''trays'' into your Thanksgiving Day home decor! 

Pumpkin Pie Slice Pattern (not pictured)
White Oven Bake Clay
Rolling Pin
Brown Paint
Orange Paint
White Paint (optional / not pictured)
2 Flat Wooden Sticks (optional)
Clear Acrylic Spray (not pictured)
Paint Brush
Craft Knife

Also, before we hop into the DIY, I hand drew my pumpkin pie slice pattern. However you could print an image from Google, if you don't feel comfortable drawing. 

Step 1: Open up your box of clay and take out about one third of your clay. Then begin conditioning your clay by warming it up in your hands and creating a small ball. 

Step 2: Place your ball of clay in between two flat pieces of wood and begin rolling out your clay with your rolling pin. Rolling your clay in between two flat pieces of wood, helps to control the thickness of your clay. For example my two pieces of wood are 1/4'' thick, this means that when I roll out my ''slab'' of clay that it will also be 1/4'' thick. This will help make all of the trays the same size and thickness. 

Step 3: Once your clay is rolled out, place your pumpkin pie slice pattern on top and trace around it using your craft knife. Then cut out your pumpkin pie slice with your craft knife.

Keep repeating steps 1-3 until you have as many trays has you desire. Then follow the instructions that came with your clay and bake your trays. 

Step 4: Once your pumpkin pie slices are cool, you can begin painting them! Now you can get as detailed as you want during this step. Personally, I tried to make the painting simple by first painting my pie crust (brown), then my pie filling (orange) and finally my whipped cream (an off white)! 

When your happy with how your pie slices look, set them aside to dry. 

Step 5: When the paint on your pie slices are dry, take them outside and spray a thin coat of clear acrylic spray onto them. This will help seal in all the paint and provide a protected coat to the top of your trays. 

Once your trays are completely dry, you're ready to set them out and begin using them! 

Aren't these trays adorable! 

Now I said I was going to give you some ideas on how you could incorporate these trays into your Thanksgiving Day home decor. If you look at the above photo, you will see that I used these trays to display fall decor, a small fake tea light and a small bowl of nuts. Out of these three options, my favorite it definitely the tea light because it kind-of looks like a dollop of whipped cream! 

You could also use this trays as coasters too or just display them as is! 

So do you like these Mini Pumpkin Pie Slice Trays? Also do you even like pumpkin pie (lol)?

xo Katie 

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