7 Valentine's Day DIYs That You Will Fall In Love With!

Hello Everyone!

Can you believe that were almost done with January? This month sure went by super fast! 

With January being almost over, its time to be thinking about (you guessed it) Valentine's Day! I have a few Valentine's Day projects up my sleeves, and I will begin posting them sometime next week. So, be on the lookout for those projects!  

In the mean time, I thought it would be fun to roundup a few of my favorite Valentine's Day projects made by other craft bloggers! I haven't actually done a post like this since October of last year! So its definitely time to write another one!

PLG DIY: #LoveYou Mugs
DIY Conversation Heart Bag

DIY Valentine Straws Using Cricut
Gold-Dipped Heart Tutorial
DIY Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies
DIY Paper Mache Trinket Box
DIY Conversation Heart Leggings

What is your favorite project from this list? Also, do you have any Valentine's Day DIYs planned?

xo Katie

p.s Do you guys like the size of the pictures or do you think they should be a bit smaller?

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