DIY: New Puppy Gift Set

Hello Everyone! 

If you have a furry little four legged freind, then you might understand the awesomeness of having them around to make stuff for! Wait... that might just be me (lol)! 

If you haven't tried DIYing something for your little pet, then you need to get on it! There is nothing better then making something, like a toy, and seeing them love it just the same as a store bought one!

Its no surprise that in my readers survey, that you guys voted to see more pet DIYs. So today I'm sharing with you a puppy (or kitty) gift set, that you could make for someone who just got a new four legged friend! 

To be honest, its a win win for everyone! The pet wins, your friend (who you made the gift for) wins and you win (cause when your nice to someones pet, you are a much awesomer person in their eyes)!

Wooden Letters
Foam Brush
Dog (or Cat) Themed Stamps ( I used Echo Park Stamp - Lucky Dog )

Step 1: First grab your wooden letters and spell out the name of the puppy or kitty. Then glue them down to your wooden crate using some E6000. When your happy with how your wooden letters look, set your crate aside to dry.

Step 2:  Now paint your wooden crate (inside and out) in whatever color you choose, and set it aside to dry.

Step 3: When your crate is dry, you can begin your stamping! I decided to go with a simple paw print theme, but you could get as creative as you want. 

Once I was done stamping, I did go back and give my crate a ''distress look'' by lightly painting the edges of the crate black. I also painted the top edge of the crate black, as well. 

When your happy with the look of your crate and its complete dry, your ready to fill it up with some goodies!

I loved how this little gift set turned out and it holds a good amount of stuff for a tiny crate!

Now the actual crate is probably something you don't want to give to that puppy or kitty, but it does makes a great gift for the owner. They could store extra toys, maybe jars of treats, or even photo albums of their little four legged friend! 

So what type of pet do you have? or Have you ever made something for your own pet?

xo Katie

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