DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial on Seams and Scissors

Hello Everyone! 

Today I just wanted to pop in and say that I have a new DIY post up on Seams and Scissors! The DIY post that is up on their site is a DIY Drawstring Bag Tutorial

I made this drawstring bag because Seams and Scissors was looking for a floral type bag for spring. I chose a drawstring bag because it's easy to make and the final product is not a hassle to carry around! Besides those things, I also chose a drawstring bag due to its versatility crafting wise. This is because you can easily make this bag your own by switching out the fabric and adding embellishments.

Also, as an extra kick, I used 2 bandanas to make this bag instead of traditional fabric! 

If want to learn how to make your own DIY Drawstring Bag, then stop by Seams and Scissors and check it out.

You can see the full tutorial here!

xo Katie

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