Mix n' Match Dining Chairs With Chairish

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Hello Everyone! 

Recently I was contacted by a company named Chairish to participate in a fun mix n' match challenge which involved dining chairs! Now usually I don't do these types of challenges since I am a craft blogger. However, I thought the mixing and the matching of dining chairs was a very DIY type of thing to do and I thought the post could provide you guys with some fun home decor inspiration (which we all know home decor, crafting wise, is my jam). Also, since I'm currently living at home finishing up my degree, I thought it would fun to imagine my future dining room! ;) 

For starters, Chairish is a website that helps ''design lovers to buy and sell vintage furniture and decor to one another'' (Source). On their website, they cover design styles ranging from Asian to Traditional and have decor pieces to decorate every corner of your home! For this particular challenge, I was asked to put a mood board together which included the trend of mixing and matching dining chairs. This trend of mixing and matching dining chairs has become extremely popular in recent years. Personally, I like this trend because it's a budget-friendly way of putting a dining room together, whether you go the DIY route or the shopping route. 

In my mood board, I decided to go with all mid-century modern pieces, since that is the style I LOVE! Before starting, I thought it would be good to pick a color palette for the chairs. I decided to go with a turquoise/coral like combo and then set off to find some dining chairs! In the end, I picked some Chet Beardsley Swivel Dining Chairs (1), a Turquoise Mid-Century Scandinavian Cocktail Chair (6), and some Mid Century Tangerine Chairs (11). I thought the color combo along with their unique round shape, complimented each other quite well. With that being said, I stopped at 3 chair styles because it seemed like the ''right number'' when combining different chair styles together (we don't want to go too crazy). 

To go along with my mid-century modern chairs, I picked out other pieces which fit with the style. Besides the chairs, I added other items which could be found in a dining room / dining area. My favorites in regards to the smaller pieces would have to be the art print (4), the coasters (3), and that orange glass set (8). 

In the end, I probably had way too much fun with this challenge and probably took it way too seriously. This can be seen if we consider the final addition of the harvest gold fondue pot (12)! With that thought aside, I personally have always been a fan of the mix n' match dining chairs look. Especially, if your crafty or artisty, I think finding those chairs which do mix n' match, adds more character to your home.

Now if your looking for that special little home decor piece or furniture piece, then I would definitely check out Chairish. There sale section alone is pretty amazing for legit pieces of vintage furniture! 

So, do you like the mix n' match dining chairs look? Also, what is your favorite item from my mood board above? 

xo Katie

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