DIY: Mini Chalkboard Wall Hanging on HomeDIT

Hello Everyone!

Hope your Monday is going well! Today I wanted to share a super fun and easy project that I created this month for HomeDIT.

This month on HomeDIT, I wrote a DIY post about creating a mini chalkboard wall hanging for the back to school season. Now even though the title is ''mini chalkboard'', the entire chalkboard is actually 13 inches by 13 inches. This (at least to me) is a pretty good size for a chalkboard if you were hanging it up in your office or kitchen. With that being said, the cool thing about this chalkboard was that it was made from an unfinished wooden puzzle piece tray!

So, if you want to learn how I turned an unfinished wooden puzzle piece try into a mini chalkboard, then you can check out the full tutorial here!

xo Katie

p.s Please ignore my bad chalkboard handwriting! lol 

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