DIY: Transform a Playing Card Box into a Gift Box

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It's never too early to think about the holiday season, right? Well, today I have a gift-giving-idea which can be used for the upcoming holiday season or for anytime of the year!  

Today's project is going to be about transforming a plain wooden playing card box into a stylish gift box. Specifically, today's project is part of my collaboration with Xyron since I'm a member of their design team! This means that you will be seeing a Xyron machine in action! For this particular project, I will be showcasing the Xyron® Creative Station Lite. I've talked about the Xyron® Creative Station Lite before, so if you want to learn more about it, then click here.

Also, in this project, I will be using items from Quick Quotes! Quick Quotes is a family run scrapbooking company that makes a variety of adorable scrapbooking supplies. There scrapbooking supplies cover all the main tools you would need like paper, die-cuts, and embellishments. However, what makes them unique is their themed collections, their scrapbook friendly kits, and (in my opinion) their Powderpuff Chalking inks! In today's project, I will showcase one of their themed collections and show off those awesome Powderpuff Chalking Inks.

So if you want to learn how to transform a wooden playing card box into a fun gift box, then keep reading below!

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Step 1: Cut out a piece of paper that will fit the top of your wooden box. Then cut a smaller piece of paper to go in the middle of your larger piece of paper. To give you an idea, my large piece of paper was 5 3/4 inches by 4 inches and my smaller piece of paper was 3 1/2  inches by 2 3/4 inches.

In this step, the larger piece of paper is Farmhouse 104 and the smaller piece of paper is the flowery pattern from the Farmhouse Collection.

Step 2: Grab your paper pieces and slide each piece through your Xyron Creative Station Lite. Keep repeating this process until you have run each piece of paper through your Xyron Creative Station.

Step 3: Add your paper pieces to your wooden box. However, before adding them, make sure you rub each paper piece while it's on the Xyron Sticker paper. That way, you'll be creating a really strong adhesives backing. In this case, add your large piece of paper and then your smaller piece of paper.

Step 4: Grab your Farmhouse Chipboard Die Cut (stickers) and add them to your wooden box. For my wooden box, I decided to go with the four corner pieces and a die that said ''Love you to the moon and back''.

Step 5: Dip your sponge daubers into the color ink pads. Then rub the sides of your wooden box with your sponge dauber, which is covered in ink. Keep repeating this process until you have the desired color and look on your wooden box. In this case, I started with Coral PowderPuff Chalking Ink and then went over it with Mocha Mama PowderPuff Chalking Ink.

Also, on a side note, I did end up rubbing ink on the inside of the box and then went over it with white paint. However, depending on the look you are going for, this is totally optionally.

When you're happy with the look of your box, set the whole thing aside to dry.

Step 6: Now apply a thin coat of Dimensional Magic to the top of your wooden box. When applying the Dimensional Magic you may want to have a toothpick handy so you can pop any air bubbles. At first, the top of your wooden box may look ''cloudy'' but that's ok because it will dry completely clear. After you finish applying the Dimensional Magic set your wooden box aside to dry for 24 hours.

Step 7: Using other pieces of scrapbooking paper (I used Farmhouse 100), cut out a rectangle that is the size of a playing card. Then with your hole punch, punch two holes in the middle of your scrapbooking paper, that are slightly apart. Finally (for a little extra touch) go around each piece of scrapbooking paper with your Aqua PowderPuff Chalking Ink. By doing this, you have now created your own pin, bracelet, ring, or necklace card holder!

Once your box is completely dry, you are ready to fill your box up with some goodies!

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I really love how this box turned out! It would make a great gift box for those smaller items that tend to get lost in the holiday shuffle.

You may have noticed that I included a gift card along with my jewelry pieces. This was to show that you could put a variety of items in your gift box than just jewelry. With that being said, you could really get fancy and create a theme of gifts for the inside of the box or put a gift card in each corner of the box! However, no matter what you come up with, make sure you apply some double-sided tape to the back of your ''scrapbooking paper jewelry holders'', that way, they don't fall out when you open the box.

As always, to follow along with all the Xyron fun, don't forget to like them on Facebook and to follow their Pinterest page for more project inspiration.

So what do you think? Do you like this playing card box turned into a gift box DIY?

 xo Katie

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