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Today I have a blog post which is not a DIY (shocker, I know)! So instead of showing you how to make a DIY, I'm going to be suggesting DIY kits that you can buy for the holidays. Specifically, today post is a Crafters Gift Guide to DIY Kits!

DIY kits have become so popular in the past few years, that it seems like you can go to almost any store and find some version of a DIY kit. The problem, however, is a finding a DIY kit that is 1) affordable and 2) not designed for a kid. Now don't get me wrong, there are some awesome DIY kits out there for kids that I would be happy to make, but it's not for everyone. Besides this fact, buying a subscription to a DIY kit company can easily become pricey, if you're on a budget. So to solve both of these problems, I gathered up 10 different DIY Kits which range in price, range in theme, and can be bought as a standalone item.

To learn a little bit more about each kit, their price, and why I recommend it, keep reading below!

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1. Craft Crush Macramé Necklace Kit: Now macramé is something that will never go out of style and this kit is a great way to introduce someone to macramé but in a fun, simple way. Specifically, this kit will teach someone how to make a fun macramé necklace and the price of this kit is really affordable. How affordable you ask? We're talking $9.99! 

2. Hedgehog-Embroidery Kit: For starters, this hedgehog embroidery kit just screams cuteness! This kit is designed (according to the maker) as a level 3 pattern because it uses a variety of stitches. Due to that, this kit would be great for the novice embroiderer or for a very ambitious beginner. This kit comes with everything you need to make one hedgehog and cost $18.00.

3. Scoutmob DIY Stamp Making Kit: If you know someone who has always wanted to try and make their own stamps, then this kit may be for them! This kit teaches you how to carve your own stamps and includes 25 templates to make different styles of stamps. Now even though the stamp kit only comes with 1 block for carving, it would still be a nice starter kit for someone. This kit cost $18.39 and can be found at Target.

4. Craft-tastic Yarn Giraffes Kit: This kit is probably the only one which looks like it's a kids' DIY kit. However, I thought the colorful giraffes were super cute and that the whole kit would be nice for that ''quirky'' young adult. Also, the kit itself looks really easy to put together and would be that definition of a ''surprise gift'' (since most likely the person has not seen it before). The price of this kit is $19.99.

5. STMT DIY Simply Charming Jewelry: If you're looking for a classic jewelry making kit but that is a bit more sophisticated, then you may want to check out STMT Simply Charming Jewelry Kit. This kit includes everything you need to make 10 different designs but the pieces can be altered to fit different taste. Also, this line of STMT (Simple Trend Modern Touch) can be found at Target and has different jewelry kits in their line (like leather jewelry, metal stamping, etc.). The price of this particular kit is $16.99.

6. DIY Embroidery Clock Kit: Now this kit I thought was really unique because whoever thinks about embroidering a clock? However, I think the design of this kit and the overall pattern is really beautiful. Personally, I wouldn't mind receiving it! With that being said, this kit is on the pricier side, even though it does include all the supplies you need. The cost of this kit is $46.00.

7. Make Your Own Super Soft Scarf: This kit shows someone how to knit an infinity scarf in under 3 hours (according to the directions). The kit includes everything you need to knit your own scarf and is designed for the beginning knitter. Besides those facts, the scarf can also be ordered in two different colors, which are burgundy and heather gray. The price of this kit is $28.00.

8. Craft Crush Felt Succulent Kit: If you know someone who is crafty but doesn't have a green thumb, then this felt succulent kit would be perfect for them! In this kit, you are taught to make different succulents and adhere them to a paperboard frame. The nice thing about this kit is that everything is pre-cut and you really can't go wrong when putting this kit together! The price of this kit is $19.99.

9. Mini Loom Weaving Kit: Now this kit is perfect for that person who wants to get into weaving!  This kit teaches someone how to weave on a miniature loom and includes all the supplies that you need to make one weaving piece. When compared to other weaving kits, I thought this one looked more sophisticated and adult-like, which is why I chose it. However, the price of this kit is high and is the most expensive kit out all the ones I chose. The price of this kit is $55.00.

10. Craft Crush Stencil Purse Kit: This kit allows someone to create their own purse by simply using stencils and adding decorations to an already sewn bag that you receive. The nice thing about this kit is that all the materials look ''in style'' and the bag is already sewn for you, so you're just decorating! The price of this kit is $24.99. 

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Overall, I hope this post helps you to see the variety of DIY kits that are available in the market and at what price points you can expect to pay for those different kits. Now even though some of these DIY kits may be pricey, they can at least act as ''inspiration'' when you're looking for your own DIY kit. My tip for buying a DIY kit would be to do a quick Google search on what you're looking for, to see what pops up. From there you should be able to narrow down your search!

What do you think? Do you like the DIY kits featured in this post? Also, is there a DIY kit that you would recommend buying?

xo Katie

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