2017 Free Printable Calendar Roundup

Hello Everyone!

This month (unfortunately) has already been super crazy, so my blog posting has gotten a little out of whack. To get caught up, I'm first sharing with you a roundup post which is meant to get you ready for my next DIY!
For starters, I haven't written a roundup post in such a long time. If you're new to the blog, roundup posts are simply blog posts where I have ''rounded up'' certain DIYs of a particular theme. In this case, however, I am rounding up free printable calendars for 2017! Each of the calendars I found were super pretty and usually offered you a couple of options (print wise) or allowed you to add your own spin onto the printable calendar.
Personally, I gravitate towards bright colors and fun artwork, which is why I picked the following calendars. Below are the calendars that I instantly fell in love with!

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Studio DIY: Free Printable 2017 Wall Calendar!!!!
Damsak Love: DIY: Free Printable Agenda Calendar
Sister, What!: 2017 Calendar Free Printable
Enthralling Gumption: Free Floral 2017 Calendar Printables
Damask Love: DIY: The 2017 Printable Coloring Calendar

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Don't you just love those calendars!

I mentioned earlier that I wrote this blog post to lead into my next DIY. Well, my next DIY involves turning your calendar from 2016 into something adorable! So, stay tuned for that DIY post!
If you were printing off one of these free calendars, which one would you pick? I'm leaning towards the coloring calendar myself!
xo Katie

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