5 Tips For Creating Easter Baskets For Pets

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This week I am bringing you a week full of last minute Easter tips, crafts, and ideas! Today we are kicking things off with Easter baskets for your pets!

With Easter right around the corner, you may be creating fun Easter baskets for those that you love. However, are you leaving anyone off your Easter basket list? Like, a four-legged friend perhaps….

Well, if you have been following the blog then you know that I LOVE my dog to pieces and include him in every single holiday. This means that each year my dog gets a small Easter basket filled with some yummy treats and new toys. So this year I thought it would be fun to share a few tips on creating Easter baskets for your pets!

Before we get into the tips, I will say that I have always owned a dog. So when I talk about my thoughts regarding each tip, I'm just using a dog as a point of reference. I'm not discriminating against any other cute furry animal! All these tips I would recommend when making an Easter basket for any type of pet!

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1. Buy A Cheap Easter Basket: If your dog is like mine and loves to chew, then you should definitely buy a cheap Easter basket. During this time of year, the dollar store is a great place to buy cute plastic baskets that are not only cheap but vary in size. My suggestion would be to buy a basket at the dollar store because you will 1) have a wide selection to choose from, 2) will not pay over a dollar, and 3) won't feel bad about throwing the basket away later, if your dog does chew it.

2. Fake Grass Or No Fake Grass (that is the question): Fake grass may look cute in traditional Easter baskets but you may not want to put it into your pet's Easter basket. In the above photo, I did put fake grass in my dog's Easter basket because I know he will not bother it. However, you should think about whether or not your furry little friend would view that fake grass as their own basket of ''confetti'' (lol). If so, you may not want to clean up that ''confetti'' after your Easter festivities.

This tip is really food for thought! To substitute fake grass, you could put a new (small) blanket inside the basket for your pet instead.

3. Look In The Actual Easter Aisle To Find Cute Stuff Animal Toys: Who says you need to be in the pet aisle in order to find pet toys? In this case, venture into the actual Easter aisle and start looking at their stuff animals. By doing this, you might be able to find a cute toy for much cheaper. In this case, the gray bunny in the above photo was found in the Easter aisle.

Just as a disclaimer, you should stay away from toys that your pet may choke on or could possibly get hurt playing with. You know your pet better than anyone, so use your own judgment!

4. Use A Combination Of New Treats And Treats You Already Have On Hand: This may sound bad but hear me out. If you have a bunch of treats on hand that you know your pet already loves, use them in his or her Easter basket. This will help to reduce 1) the money spent on the basket and 2) the time it takes to put the basket together. With that being said, you should buy your furry friend new treats for Easter! However, I think doing a combination of both new treats and treats you already have on hand, just makes life a bit easier.

In the above photo, you will see that I bought a new bag of Cesar Softies Treats and wrapped up three chew sticks (which I already had).

5. Hide Treats In Small Plastic Eggs: This tip is a great way to keep your pets busy and to give them something extra to do, so they can stay away from the chocolate bunnies in those other Easter baskets! 

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Those are my 5 tips for creating an Easter basket for your pet! The main things to remember while making your own Easter basket for your pet is that 1) it doesn't have to be expensive, 2) be mindful about your pet's safety, and 3) to have fun! 

Have you every made an Easter basket for your pet? 

xo Katie

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