5 Unique Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

Hello Everyone!

All this week I have been sharing last minute Easter tips, crafts, and ideas! To finish off the week I decided to roundup a few of my favorite unique but adorable Easter egg decorating ideas. Now, even though Easter is on Sunday, you could make a last minute trip to the craft store in order to make one of these fantastic projects. Better yet, you may have some of these supplies already on hand!

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Lacey Placey: DIY Gold Flake Eggs
Aww Sam: DIY Typography Sand Art Easter Eggs
Studio DIY: DIY Bouffant Easter Eggs
The Crafted Life: DIY Temporary Tattoo Easter Eggs
Artful Days: Rainbow Sprinkle Easter Eggs
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Out of all of these DIYs, I am loving the temporary tattoo and bouffant Easter eggs! Also, if you missed my Easter tip and Easter craft post from this week, you can check them out below.

Are you doing any Easter egg decorating this year? If so, how are you decorating your Easter eggs?

xo Katie 

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