Mini Review: We R Memory Keepers Mini Tool Kit

Hello Everyone!

Today I have a fun review on a We R Memory Keepers product that I got for Christmas. The product I will be reviewing today is the We R Memory Keepers Mini Tool Kit.

Now you may have seen this kit before, but I first laid eyes on it back in November while Christmas shopping. I thought the whole concept was genius and that the packaging was super cute. Also, the reason why I gravitated towards this kit was because I thought it would be a great kit to have when using the We R Memory Keeper punch boards. With all that in mind, I added it to my Christmas list and it ''magically'' appeared under the tree (thanks, mom, and dad)!

The We R Memory Keepers Mini Tool Kit is a kit that includes 6 tools that scrapbookers and cardmakers continuously reach for. The 6 tools included in the kit are, one 6x8 inch magnetic mat, one 6 inch magnetic ruler, one pair of scissors, one pair of reverse-action tweezers, one art knife, and one brad setter and piercing tool. Four out of the six tools include nice comfort grip handles (for the crafter's hand) and each tool matches back (color wise) to the rest of the kit. As you can see, my mini tool kit is in turquoise but I have also seen this kit in pink as well.

Finally, the price of this kit can vary depending on where you buy it. We R Memory Keepers has the price listed at $29.99 (which I think is way too much) but you can purchase it for less if you do some digging. For example (website wise), on Walmart it is priced at $14.82, on Scrapbookers it is $19.99, and on Amazon it is $22.21. When writing this review I asked my mom how much she had paid for the mini tool kit and she said that it was more around $15.00 dollars.

Based on all of that information and my personally experience with the tool kit, I believe that the price range of $15-$22 dollars is reasonable for this kit. Anything over $25 dollars, I think is a bit much. Now, don't get me wrong, WRMK is a wonderful brand that makes greats products. However, I personally would rather spend $29 dollars on one of their punch boards than on a mini tool kit.

As previously mentioned, the tool kit includes one 6x8 inch magnetic mat, one 6 inch magnetic ruler, one pair of scissors, one pair of reverse-action tweezers, one art knife, and one brad setter and piercing tool. Since getting this kit, I have used each of these tools and have found them to be of great quality. For example, the scissors are very sharp, the art knife is sharp, and the cutting mat is like a high-quality self-cutting mat. Also, the magnetic mat/ruler works very well together and the magnet in both of the tools is very strong. The other tools in the kit (like the tweezers and brad setter and piercing tool) are also well designed and work like they are supposed to.

Overall, I thought this mini tool kit worked well together, was super cute, and that the entire kit was functional!

Personally, I would recommend getting this kit for a couple of reasons. For starters, the kit pairs back perfectly to the WRMK punch boards. Simply because each tool can be used with the different punch boards to make life so much easier. In addition, I think this tool kit is a great kit to have if you are wanting to replace older supplies. For example, I have several dull crafts knives and scissors. Due to that, it was more appealing to buy this kit (where I got extra tools) instead of buying everything separately. Finally, if your new crafter who is looking for a good tool set, I think this would be great one to own.

So what are your thoughts? Do you like this We R Memory Keepers Mini Tool Kit or do you own it?

xo Katie 

*All opinions are my own, the mini tool kit was purchased by parents (as a gift for me), and this is not a sponsored post from We R Memory Keepers.*

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