3 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Wrapping Ideas

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With Mother's Day being on Sunday, you may be rushing to find that perfect gift. However, if you already have the gift but forgot about the actual gift wrapping, then I am here to help you!

Today I will be showing you 3 simple ways to create last minute wrapping for those Mother's Day gifts. My goal behind creating this ''wrapping gift guide'' was to use products that you would most likely have on hand. With that being said, depending on your gift and the supplies that you do have on hand, this guide is designed to be used as inspiration when creating your own wrapping. So don't feel you need to have all of these supplies to get the same look. Just have fun creating your own unique gift wrapping for your Mom!

Before I get into the guide, I will say that I first wrapped each gift in craft paper. This is because the craft paper sort of acts like a blank canvas and was the one ''wrapping paper product'' that I had on hand.

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Wrapping Idea 1: Stamp It Up

For this wrapping idea, I was inspired by this card from Almost Makes Perfect. I really liked this card because it showcased the different words one could use to represent mom. Due to that, I thought this same idea would look really cute as wrapping for a gift. In this case, I simply glued down a piece of scrapbooking paper (using the Xyron Tape Runner) and lined the edges with washi tape. From there, I simply stamped each word that could represent mom.

Overall, this is a super easy idea to put together and can be customized (stamp wise) to say anything that you like.

The supplies I used in the above project were: Xyron Tape Runner, DCWV Cardstock Stack Shimmer, Washi Tape, Prima Press Holder & Alphabet , Black Ink, and Scissors.

Wrapping Idea 2: Mason Jar Wooden Tag Love

Now, this wrapping idea is so easy! All I did was cut out a piece of scrapbooking paper that was smaller than my gift. From there, I glued the scrapbooking paper on using the Xyron Tape Runner. At this point, you could put a ribbon on the gift and be done. However, I had these mason jar wooden tags which already had pre-drilled holes on each side. With that in mind, I simply colored each mason jar wooden tag with some colored ink, then stamped the words Happy Mother's Day onto each wooden tag. Finally, I attached each wooden tag using some ribbon.

Overall, this idea is really simple to put together and looks like you put in a lot of time when making the gift wrapping.

The supplies I used in the above project were: Xyron Tape Runner, DCWV Meet Me In Paris paper pack, Mason Jar Wooden Tags, Imagine Crafts Radiant Neon 4 Cool, Imagine Crafts Sponge Dauber 3 piece pack NO Caps , Letter Stamps, Black Ink, Ribbon, and Scissors.

Wrapping Idea 3: Color Me Happy

You know I love reusing coloring book pages! This wrapping idea can be done in under 20 minutes if you are working with a coloring book page that is already colored. To make this, all I did was cut out a coloring book page, glued it onto my gift (using the Xyron Tape Runner), and dressed up the edges by tying on some yarn.

Now you may be wondering why I chose the bookshelf image and not a design that was more for Mother's Day. To be honest, the gift is actually a book for my mom who loves to read. So, in this case, I know she will love the wrapping. Also, I wanted to show you that you don't need to use something traditional (like a flower coloring book page) for it to be Mother's Day.

The supplies I used in the above project were: Xyron Tape Runner, Coloring Book Page, Yarn, and Scissors.

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So, there you have 3 last minute but unique wrapping gift ideas for Mother's Day. I will say that my favorite wrapping idea is the coloring book page.

What did you get your Mom this year for Mother's Day? Did you go the store-bought route or the handmade route?

xo Katie

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