DIY: Father's Day Concession Stand Tray Gift Set

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With Father’s Day being right around the corner, it now time to be thinking about what we can make for good old dad. However, if your Dad is anything like mine, then buying him a gift can really be impossible. Simply because he A) doesn’t want anything or B) already has ''everything''. If you are in the same boat as me, then I have a cute DIY that you can make to package some things that no Dad can turn down, snacks.

So today, I will be showing you how to make a concession stand tray that can be filled with your dad’s favorite snacks and then be given to him on Father’s Day!

With that being said, today's project is part of my collaboration with Xyron since I'm a member of their design team! This means that you will be seeing some Xyron products in action! For this particular project, I will be showcasing the Xyron® 3” Sticker Maker and Xyron® Adhesive Eraser Cube. I've talked about the Xyron® 3” Sticker Maker before, so if you want to learn more about it, then click here

In regards the to Xyron® Adhesive Eraser Cube, this product simply helps to erase any extra adhesive that might appear on your projects.

Before we get into the DIY, I wanted to say that I went with a Baseball theme for my concession stand tray. This is because my Dad loves baseball and loves all the snacks that go with the sport. However, you can choose to decorate or style your concession stand tray anyway that you like. 

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Xyron® Adhesive Eraser Cube (optional / not pictured)
Small Cardboard Box (I used a box that held 12 bottles of water)
Wooden Letters
Deco Art Americana Acrylic Paint in Snow (Titanium) White
Deco Art Americana Acrylic Paint in Cherry Red
Deco Art One Step Crackle (optional)
Hole Punch

Step 1: Paint your cardboard box white both inside and out. Then set the box aside to dry.

Step 2: Using your hole punch, punch a hole on each side of the box. Then a cut a piece of ribbon that is 32 inches long and then feed that ribbon through each hole on the sides of the box. Finally, tie a knot to secure the ribbon in place.

Step 3: For this project, I decided to go with the phrase ‘’Father’s Day Snacks’’. However, you can choose any phrase that you like. Once you have chosen your phrase, paint your wooden letters red and then set them aside to dry.

Step 4: To add some extra dimension to your wooden letters, paint on a layer of Deco Art’s One Step Crackle. By doing this, your letters will develop small cracks which will make the letters look worn and distress.  You can see the look developing in the letters ''a, c, k, s'' in snacks.

Now, this step is totally optional, but I thought it added a nice touch to the baseball theme that I was going for.

Step 5: Grab all of your wooden letters and begin sliding them through your Xyron 3 Inch Sticker Maker.

Keep repeating this process until you have run each wooden letter through your Xyron Sticker Maker.

Step 6: Add your now wooden letter stickers to the front of your cardboard box. Before adding them though, make sure you rub each wooden letter while it's on the Xyron Sticker paper. That way, you'll be creating a really strong adhesive backing. Also, during this step, you may want to use the Xyron Adhesive Eraser Cube to get off any extra adhesive that appears on your project.

Once your wooden letters have been added to your concession stand tray, you are ready to fill it up with some Father’s Day goodies.

♥ ♥ ♥

I loved how this concession stand tray turned out!

For my concession stand tray, I filled it up with chips, peanuts, soda, and a semi-handmade baseball coaster. Overall, I think the tray turned out really cute and would bring a smile to any Dad’s face.

With all that being said, this DIY could definitely go beyond Father’s Day. For example, this tray could be incorporated into your 4th of July party d├ęcor or be made during Halloween as part of a costume. Either way, you can really have fun making this DIY no matter what the occasion is.

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So what do you think? Do you like this Father's Day Concession Stand Tray Gift Set? 

xo Katie

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