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Hello Everyone!

You may have noticed that within the past few months, my blog posts have been random and a bit sporadic. This is because I recently graduated from college and have been on the job hunt. The job hunt (to be honest) has not been fun and has been far more exhausting than I originally imagined. I’m trying to stay positive while going through this new change but it has been difficult at times.

Due to being on the job hunt, I have had to make several changes in regards to my blogging schedule/blogging life, so I could focus more on finding a job. In today’s post, I just wanted to get you guys caught on where you can find my craft projects, changes that I made blogging wise, and talk about other random crafty news!

Where you can find my craft projects:

Last year, I was making 5 projects a month for other companies/websites, I was taking on additional projects, and was creating projects for my own blog. Needless to say, doing all of that now, is a bit too much since I’m focusing on finding a job. So, where can you find me now? Right now, I am on Xyron’s Design Team and post two projects every month for them, here on the blog. I am also on Buttons Galore and More's Design Team and I create two projects a month for their blog.

Besides all of that, I am still making my own projects and content for this blog. Make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram to get updates/sneak peaks on future projects.

Changes that I made blogging wise:

Along with cutting down my freelance writing, I have also deleted my Running Glue Gun Tumblr. This is because I stopped using it and really wanted to cut down on my social media.

Other random crafty news:

Tomorrow (July 11) is HSN’s 24 Hour Craft Day! Make sure you watch HSN to get some awesome deals on Xyron and other crafty products. I will post more details about HSN's Craft Day throughout the day on Facebook. Also, I’m thinking about bringing back craft book reviews. So, if there is a craft book you would like me to review, leave a comment below or on Facebook.

Ok, I think that about wraps everything up (lol)! To be honest, I would love to get on a blogging schedule but it just seems like it never really works out. So for now, my blogging schedule will be a little bit everywhere. 

Thanks for sticking with me for so long and I appreciate every one of you guys!

xo Katie

p.s Tomorrow I will have a DIY on the blog featuring Xyron and Simple Stories! So come back by to check out that fun post!

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