Buttons Galore & More: DIY Falling Leaves Home Décor

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing my latest DIY project that I created for the  Buttons Galore & More Design Team!

Before I talk about my project, I wanted to briefly say that as a member of the design team I do get free products to create awesome DIY projects. More specifically, Buttons Galore & More is sponsoring this post. With that being said, as a member of their design team, my projects will appear on the Buttons Galore & More blog instead of mine own. However, I will write these types of posts to keep you guys up-to-date about what is going on!

Now that we have all of that out of the way, let's get back to the project.

The project that I made for Buttons Galore & More this month is called DIY Falling Leaves Home Décor. The reason why it is called DIY Falling Leaves Home Décor is because the project features a brand new item from the Buttons Galore & More shop. This brand new item is called Falling Leaves Home Décor.

The Falling Leaves Home Décor is a new item from Buttons Galore & More's new home décor collection. Yes, Buttons Galore & More now makes home décor! This home décor collection is a new line of wooden products which are super easy to embellish and decorate. The nice thing about the new line is that you have tons of options for different holidays, themes, or seasons.

The Falling Leaves home décor set, that I used in my project, contains three pre-sanded wooden pieces. These pre-sanded wooden pieces are a large leaf, a smaller leaf, and an acorn. To decorate the pieces, I used scrapbooking paper, 28 Lilac Lane Premium Sequins in Falling Leaves, and Buttons Galore & More Tumbling Leaves 3D Buttons.

To get the full DIY on how to make your own DIY Falling Leaves Home Décor , click here!

xo Katie

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