25 Random Craft Tools/Supplies That You Are Probably Overlooking This Holiday Season

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Hello Everyone!

If the title of this post has not intrigued you or confused you, then you should probably read it again (lol)!

Today’s post is my first Gift Guide for the holiday season! As you can tell by the title, I will be talking about 25 random craft tools/supplies that you are probably overlooking this holiday season.

So, what do I mean by random craft tools and supplies? I mean those tools or supplies that are either used all the time (but are underappreciated) or that are completely overlooked during the holiday season.

For example, cleaning tools.

Now, I know cleaning tools or cleaning accessories don’t sound really exciting. However, if you are a stamper, then you know that there are stamp pads, wipes, sprays, and all kinds of items to clean your stamps with. I would venture to guess, that a few stampers wouldn’t mind getting some cleaning supplies or accessories, especially if it came from their favorite stamp brand.

Those types of items (like cleaning tools) are what I will be listing in this post. My goal behind creating this list, was to provide you guys with some ''out-of-the-box'' ideas that could be used as either stocking stuffers or a last minute ''add-on'' to a gift.

Below, are 25 random craft tools/supplies that you are probably overlooking this holiday season!

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  1. Ken Oliver Roll Away Tacky Roller
  2. Retractable Knife with Blades (aka craft knife or x-acto knife)
  3. No-Clog Writing Cap
  4. Clear Spritzer Bottle (for those stampers or painters in your life)
  5. Plastic Palette
  6. Glitter Spoons (which can also be used for embossing powders)
  7. Plastic Storage Pouches/Bags
  8. Ink Cleaning Spray or Wipes
  9. Stitch Markers (for those who knit or crochet)
  10. Fine Pointed Tweezers
  11. Tim Holtz Ideaology Sanding Grip (this is great for adding texture to paper or if you work with wooden items)
  12. Hot Glue Gun Sticks (for example, regular glue sticks, glitter glue sticks, neon glue sticks, or glow in the dark glue sticks)
  13. Mini Plastic Funnels (for glitter or embossing powders) 
  14. Craft Mat
  15. Mixing Cups (to mix paint or glitter in) 
  16. Scissors
  17. Stitch Counter
  18. Pencils and Erasers (for the drawer in your life)
  19. Pencil Sharpener
  20. Bone Folder
  21. Pin Cushion and a new set of Sewing Needles
  22. Retractable Tape Measure
  23. Work Apron
  24. Vintaj Ball Pein Jeweler's Hammer (unlike a normal hammer, this hammer is much smaller and perfect for those projects that don't involve jewelry making)
  25. Small Plastic Storage Containers

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Overall, I think most crafters would be happy to receive any of the items on this list. My personal picks from this list would be 2, 5, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19, and 25. Also, if you need more gift ideas for that crafter in your life, then check out the following articles I have written:

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So what do you think? What random tools or supplies would you like to receive as a crafter?

xo Katie

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