2018 Blogging Goals + Readers Survey

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to a brand new year! I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve and New Year's Day with your family and friends.

My New Year's Eve and New Year's Day was spent thinking about the goals that I want to accomplish in 2018. I took a different approach this year to my goals list by dividing up all my goals into specific categories (like spiritual, career, etc.).  My hope is that I can accomplish more goals by viewing them as small chunks instead of one (very) long list.

In regards to blogging, my goals seem to never change (lol)! For this year, I have narrowed my long list of blogging goals down to only four. Those four would be the following:

1. Create better content

2. Improve website

3. Improve photography

4. Grow following or focus on improving the blog's social media channels

One of these goals, I am currently working on! So hopefully, by the end of the month, we will already have one goal crossed off the list.

To get your guy's feedback on how the blog can improve, what content you want to see in 2018, and so forth, I created a brief 10 question survey. I would really appreciate it if you could leave your feedback and later in the month I will share the results. You can take the readers survey, below!

What are your blogging goals or personal goals for the new year?

xo Katie
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