DIY: Mini Llama Cork Board

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If you have been following the blog for a while now, then you know that I am on Xyron’s Design Team!

Now if you're not familiar with Xyron, they are a company that creates products to enhance and protect your handmade creations. Some of the products that they are best known for are their sticker makers, creative stations, and professional laminators. I would bet, that you have seen their products at one time or another because their small sticker makers are in the shape of an X!

Well, Xyron challenged it’s design team members to create a project using their favorite Xyron product! So, today, I will be talking about my favorite Xyron product which is the Xyron® 9'' Creative Station.

Before we hop into the DIY, I wanted to briefly talk about Xyron’s Creative Stations. Xyron’s Creative Stations in general, are basically machines which allow you to add adhesive, magnets or laminates to your projects. What is nice about the Xyron® 9'' Creative Station is that it’s not only a nice size, but it can hold both 9 inch and 5-inch Creative Station cartridges. This means that when you see an awesome sale on Xyron, you can stock up on both types of cartridges and use them in your machine.

The reason why I tend to gravitate towards the 9'' Creative Station, is because I make a ton of home décor projects. For example, you can make items like placemats, wall art, and accessories with ease, when you use the machine. Also, due to its size, you can make those bigger pieces of home décor faster, since you are not waiting for adhesive to dry. 

Overall, if you love making home décor, I swear, this machine will be your best friend!

Which brings us to today’s DIY!

Today, I will be showing you how to make an adorable Mini LLAMA Cork Board (cause we all know that we need more llamas in our lives)!  So, if you want to learn how to make your own Mini Llama Cork Board, keep reading below!

♥ ♥ ♥

Llama Template or Drawing
Wooden Circle (mine is 10 inches in diameter)
Cork Board
Light Blue Tissue Paper
Items to decorate your corkboard like pom-pom trim, wooden letters, etc.
Sawtooth Hook (not pictured)
Hot Glue + Glue Sticks (not pictured)

Step 1: Draw out the shape of a llama onto your cork board. Then draw out any other shapes that you want to be made of cork. For example, I drew a half circle to be used for the ‘’harness’’ that is on the llama’s back.

Once you have drawn out all your shapes, cut them out using your scissors or craft knife. 

Crafty Side Note: I drew my llama template by hand but you can easily print out the silhouette of a llama instead.

Step 2: Grab your cork board shapes, wooden circle, and paints. Then paint each item and set them aside to dry.

Once your cork board items have dried, you can then add more details (like a face on the llama) if you like.

Step 3: Cut your tissue paper into strips or squares and slide each piece through your Xyron Creative Station. Keep repeating this process until you have as many pieces as you need to cover your wooden circle.

Step 4: Add your tissue paper pieces to your wooden circle. However, before adding them, make sure you rub each tissue paper piece while it's on the Xyron sticker paper. That way, you'll be creating a really strong adhesive backing.

While doing this step, make sure you take your time peeling the tissue paper off your Xyron sticker paper because it can rip.

Step 5: Grab all your cork board pieces and additional embellishments. Then (using your hot glue gun) glue each item into place onto your wooden circle.

For my mini llama cork board, I first glued down some pom-pom trim, then I glued down my cork board pieces, and finally added some wooden letters to spell out ‘’No Prob-Llama’’.

During this step, you can get as creative as you want when decorating your cork board. So, just have fun and don’t over think it!

Step 6: Using your hot glue gun, glue a sawtooth hook to the back of your wooden circle.

Once you happy with how your cork board looks, you are now ready to hang it!

♥ ♥ ♥

I absolutely love how this Mini Llama Cork Board turned out! It makes me smile every time I look at it and really brightens up my little work space.

Now, if llamas are not your thing (even though they totally should be) that is ok! You can always modify this DIY to fit your ''animal loving senses''. For example, instead of a llama, you cork board could be a giraffe or bunny. With that being said, just make sure that you google silhouette pictures of your animal and chose the simplest silhouette as possible. By doing this, you will save yourself a lot of headaches when it comes to cutting out your image from the cork board. 

As always, to follow along with all the Xyron fun, don't forget to like them on Facebook and to follow their Pinterest page for more project inspiration.

What do you think? Do you like this Mini Llama Cork Board?

xo Katie 

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