Valentine's Day Jar D.I.Y

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Here is another Valentine's Day DIY. This project is fun and super easy. This project is also good for using up scraps and left over supplies in you house.


Valentine's Day Jar D.I.Y
Scrapbooking Paper
Buttons and Ribbon (optional) 

picture 1

picture 2
Step 1: Take your jar and squeeze small amounts of paint inside of it (picture 1), don't be afraid to add another color (picture 2).
picture 1

picture 2

Step 2: Put the lid on your jar ( make sure it's on tight) and shake it up. You might have to add more paint depending on how big your jar is. Once your whole jar is covered, take the lid off and set it to the side to let it dry. Now depending on how much paint you use and how big your jar is, will affect the drying time. This jar took about three days to dry because I use a lot of paint.

Step 3: Once your jar is dry, take a piece of scrapbooking paper and cut it so it can go around the whole jar. When I wrapped the paper around the jar, I connect the two ends with a piece of tape You can make the scrapbooking paper as wide as you want and I even hot glued a little cupid button to the middle of my paper.

Then your done! You can add flowers like I did, or put something else in your jar.

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  1. That looks so sweet, and so simple to make!

  2. This looks awesome! I love that you used an old jar.. looks so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink hippo party.. can't wait to see what you share next!


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